Fiberglass Planters

Fiberglass Planters

Using fiberglass planters in your plantscaping designs is a great way to enhance the beauty of any indoor or outdoor landscape. Their durable, commercial grade construction and vast color choices make fiberglass plant containers an interiorscape and exterior landscaping favorite. Made to last for years, fiberglass planters can withstand extreme indoor and outdoor conditions, including freezing cold winters and blazing hot summers. An automotive-grade paint finish ensures that fiberglass planters are moisture and rot-resistant. The lighter weight of fibreglass planters compared to wood, stone, terracotta, and metal make them an ideal choice for rooftops, decks, and balconies where weight is a concern. Our selection of modern shapes —including rectangular, round, square and spherical—means pros can easily match planters to designs. Our planter sizes range from extra large and tall, to small enough to fit on a table-top. Register or login to see wholesale pricing for interiorscape, plantscaping and landscaping professionals.

The Dirt on Fiberglass

High-quality, durable, and lightweight, fiberglass planters offer nearly unlimited options for modern, classic, and sophisticated plant designs. Compared to concrete, stone, plastic and terracotta planters, fiberglass planters last longer, are easier to move, and are tough enough to withstand extremely hot summers and freezing cold winter temperatures.

How are fiberglass planters made?

Fiberglass planters are made from laying sheets of interwoven glass fibers over a mold, and holding those sheets together with a resin. Once the resin hardens, the planter is removed from the mold, sanded, and finished with an automotive-grade paint. This technique allows fiberglass plant pots to be made in a variety of unique, modern, and traditional shapes.

Features and Benefits of Fiberglass Planters

There are a number of reasons to choose our fiberglass planters over other planter materials. Review our in-depth post on the Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Planters for more information, but here are ten key reasons to consider our wholesale fiberglass planters for your designs.

  1. Durability: One main advantage of fiberglass is its durability. While other materials, such as terracotta, wood, metal, plastic, and stone are high maintenance, fiberglass pots require no additional maintenance and can last for many years in indoor and outdoor environments. 

  2. Lightweight: Compared to concrete and stone, fiberglass is much lighter in weight. Because of its commercial-grade composition, fiberglass is ideal for larger plant containers as they are easier to install, move, and maintain.

  3. Water Retention: Fiberglass planters have been known to retain moisture better than other materials. While terracotta and stone planters have pores that soak up, retain, and eventually evaporate water, sealed fiberglass planters keep that moisture contained within the planter pot, not soaked into the planter material.

  4. Over 20 Standard and Custom Color Options: Every custom-painted fiberglass planter receives an automotive-grade finish with UV protection to resist against cracks, fading and discoloration from harsh elements. Match fiberglass planters to indoor and outdoor displays with neutrals in matte or gloss black, matte or gloss white, gloss purple eggplant, gloss pink violet, gloss saffron yellow, matte terracotta, gloss red, matte bronze, matte brown, matte charcoal grey, matte cobalt blue, metallic bronze, metallic gold, metallic gunmetal grey,  metallic silver, satin beige, satin green, or satin sea foam teal. Our team can also match designs with custom RAL colors. Call us at 1-800.869.9285 for more details and color options.

  5. UV Resistant: Fiberglass planters with automotive-grade finishes are UV resistant, and typically won’t crack, fade or discolor under harsh sunlight.

  6. Used Indoors and Outdoors: Fiberglass plant containers can be used in both interior and exterior environments, and are made to withstand high-traffic areas and challenging weather conditions without cracking or fading. From hot summers to freezing cold winters, fiberglass planters are able to withstand the seasons. For more information on necessary care during the winter months, consider taking a look at our in-depth winter care guide for fiberglass planters.

  7. Drainage Holes: Order indoor fiberglass planter pots fully sealed so floors are protected from water damage, or opt for outdoor fiberglass planters with pre-drilled drainage holes to allow proper drainage for plant installations. Review our post on how to properly drill drainage holes in fiberglass plant pots if a project's needs change.

  8. Extra Large to Extra Small Fiberglass Planter Sizes: Discover fiberglass plant pots small enough for a windowsill or tabletop succulent arrangement, to extra large fiberglass planters big enough for trees. Whether you're looking for extra tall, wide, long, narrow, short or just simply big and small fiberglass plant containers, we have a wide selection of available dimensions made to fit your spaces.

  9. Variety of Fiberglass Planter Shapes and Styles: From rectangular planter boxes, cubes, squares, urns, vases, tapered bowls, globes, spheres, and cylinders, to modern abstract shapes and classic round planter pot silhouettes, we carry a large inventory of wholesale fiberglass planter pots made to fit any number of plant design styles.

  10. Wholesale Prices: We strive to ensure our fiber glass planters offer high-quality value at affordable, economical prices. Though plastic planters are a much cheaper inital option for plant designs, they will often need to be replaced more frequently which can drive up additional costs. The long-lasting durability of fiberglass planters means fewer replacements which can lead to additional savings.

For additional questions about custom RAL planter colors, creating a custom fiberglass planter order, shipping, buying in bulk, purchasing for Canada or internationally outside of the continental United States, please connect with our friendly and helpful customer service team via phone at 1.800.869.9285 or through email at [email protected].