Hire for Cultural Fit in Your Interiorscape Company

“Culture is the deeper level of basic assumptions and beliefs that are shared by members of an organization, that operate unconsciously and define in a basic ‘taken for granted’ fashion an organization’s view of itself and its environment.” Edgar Schein, Author and former MIT professor A coherent business culture can make your interiorscape company stand […]

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How Your Interiorscape Business Cultu...

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Get Aboard the Moss Wall Trend in 201...

Moss walls are all the rage right now and I’m not seeing any reason why that trend would not continue. They are a great alternative to a live pla[...]  » Read More

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Community Service Is Important for Yo...

I recently wrote an article on “Job Recruiting and Hiring for Your Interiorscape Company.” In that post, I discuss how to write, post, and share [...]  » Read More

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