How to Prepare Your Business for a Natural Disaster

Living on the coast of Florida, I’m always attuned to developing hurricanes and when I heard the dire weather predictions for Florence, I was really hoping the forecasters weren’t right this time. Fortunately for us in Jacksonville, the hurricane isn’t expected to give us more than lots of rain. Unfortunately for the people in the […]

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The Difference Between Personal &...

With the exception of poinsettias, I never understood the connection between holiday decor and interiorscaping. My first holiday decorating job o[...]  » Read More

The Difference Between Personal & Professional Holiday Décor Featured Image

Holiday Decorating as an Interiorscap...

Many of you already offer holiday decorating to your clients, and many of you emphatically say, “no way”. But, if you are wanting to diversify, o[...]  » Read More

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Key to Success: Sharpening Your Inter...

What is your company’s focus? As entrepreneurs, we tend to mostly be optimists. Right? We have BIG dreams and aspirations, and we know that[...]  » Read More

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Strategic Planning for Plant Replacem...

“Why are you replacing that?! It’s green and still has a leaf on it.” Has a client ever asked you this? Long ago, we had clients who got pretty a[...]  » Read More

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