How to Identify and Manage Mealybugs

These small white insects are a big problem for the interior landscape. They love tropical foliage, especially plants such as pothos and ivy. There are several species that attach to tropicals and sometimes can be hard to identify. Mealybug populations do no explode overnight, they usually have been present for a long time just as […]

Fiberglass Planters

Do You Know Your Green Wall Lingo?

While my primary focus is blogging about interior living walls, I think it’s time to identify all the different green wall technologies that exis[...]  » Read More

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How to Catch an Overwaterer

Overwatering is a real threat to plants. Over my years as an interiorscaper, I have warned several technicians about the danger of overwatering f[...]  » Read More

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Discarded Plants from a Plant Technic...

During my job as a plant technician, I often think how unfair it seems to throw away a living plant.* Plants are relatively stationary and comple[...]  » Read More

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Horticultural Trash Talk: Interiorsca...

No matter how long I’ve been maintaining interior plants, it still drives me insane each time I find someone using them as trash cans. I wish I c[...]  » Read More

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