Fiskars ® Multi-Purpose Scissors

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  • Combines the power of multiple tools
  • Superb cutting performance on a wide variety of materials

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Fiskars ® Multi-Purpose Scissors Zoom



  • Light rope cutting power notch
  • Built in wire cutter that will not damage blades
  • Twine cutter
  • Pointed awl tip which is perfect for punching small holes
  • Bottle opener
  • Scissors can be disassembled to create a titanium-coated knife that is better suited for cutting large objects
  • Can be easy cleaned - dishwasher safe
  • Includes a sheath that protects the blades, sharpens the scissors, and features a tape cutter ideal for opening boxes

How to disassemble the scissors to use as a titanium-coated knife

  1. Hold the scissors with the Fiskars logo facing up
  2. Open the scissors until they will not open any further
  3. LIft the black, titanium-coated blade toward the ceiling. Slip it over the T-shaped hinge



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