Mona Plant Sipper Round Insert

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6" Zoom


The Mona Plant Sipper Round Insert is a smart and dependable way to provide sub-irrigation to both interior and exterior plant installations. Available in a variety of sizes to fit all plant containers, an Insert is simply installed in the base of a container to act as a reservoir and allow the plant to feed itself when needed.

Mona Plant Sipper Round Inserts are 100% water efficient and manufactured using recycled materials.


  1. Mona Plant Sipper
  2. Capillary leg
  3. Plant Sipper lid
  4. Filler pipe with water level indicator


  • Determine the appropriate size to provide maximum water efficiency and optimal positioning within the chosen plant container.
  • Create a level surface by installing either a drainage or base soil layer at the bottom of the container.
  • Place the Mona Plant Sipper (the round cup-like part) on to the level base layer. Be sure that the Capillary leg is not more than 7" from the roots of the plant. The Mona Plant Sipper can be installed at different depths to achieve this.
  • Using a high quality topsoil, loosely fill the Capillary leg. Do not compact the soil within the leg.
  • Secure the Filler pipe into the Mona Plant Sipper and remove the internal water level indicator and filler pipe cap.
  • Cut the Filler pipe so that the top will be flush with the planted soil level.
  • Measure the water level indicator by placing it on the top of the installed Plant Slipper lid next to the newly cut Filler pipe. Cut the indicator flush with the top of the filler pipe and return the indicator to the interior of the pipe. Replace the filler pipe cap.
  • To ensure the Mona Plant Insert is assembled properly, fill the system with water and make sure all the connections are water tight.
  • Backfill the container and plant as normal.
  • Water the entire soil surface thoroughly to activate the capillaries.
  • When the watering system becomes dry, as indicated by the water level indicator, refill it with water via the Filler pipe and water the surface to reactivate the capillaries.

Access Assembly instructions with photos: (click here)



6"W x 2.5"H
1 quart water capacity 

8.25"W x 2.5"H 
2 quart water capacity 

9.5"W x 4"H 
1 gallon water capacity 

 9.5"W x 6"H
1.5 gallon water capacity 

15.5"W x 4"H 
2.5 gallon water capacity 

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