Nylon Leaf & Trash Bag

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Available in two different sizes
Constructed out of durable nylon
Velcro loops for hands-free carrying
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Nylon Trash Bag

Constructed out of dark, durable nylon, our leaf and trash bags were made so industry professionals can discreetly carry disposables hands-free.

Equipped with strong, velcro loops, it’s easy to attach them to carts, railings, belt loops or the belt of an executive pocket carrier.

Available in two different sizes, they were made to be small enough to be easy to carry, and large enough to accomodate throw-away matter. The smaller size measures 8.5” x 12”, and the larger sized nylon trash bag measures 11.5” x 13.5”.

The opening of the nylon trash bags are lined with ribbing to make sure the bags stay open. There’s no need to mess with making sure it’s open before placing any items in the bag.

Dark nylon ensures a professional look, and keeps stains nearly invisible. Plus, they’re easy to clean with just a little bit of soap, water and air-drying.

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