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Preserved Bulk & Wholesale Reindeer Moss Sheets

Reindeer Moss is a lichen that has been dehydrated of moisture and preserved with glycerine and food grade dye. Because it is low maintenance and is cleaner than traditional moss, Reindeer Moss is the perfect product for interior landscape designs. Whether used as a top dressing to enhance plant container displays or installed in a trendy moss wall, Reindeer Moss provides a rich look and soft feel that your clients will love. 

Sourced from Canada, our Reindeer Moss is sustainably harvested by picking small patches in areas that are not harvested again for 5-8 years. Because of lichen's natural tendency to grow where it avoids direct sunlight, it should never be installed in an area that is exposed to harsh, direct sunlight as this will cause the moss to lose its beautiful, vibrant color. Please note that out of the box, the moss may emit a fresh odor that dissipates over time.

As a reindeer moss supplier, we offer bulk quantities at wholesale prices. A 10lb box of moss sheets will provide 6-12 square feet of coverage depending on the thickness of application.

Reindeer Moss Safety Data Sheet

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