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Green Roofs

There is one surface of a building that is often forgotten and unused. Typically a roof has very little to offer beyond keeping the rain out of t[...]  » Read More

Plantscapes for Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining is a quintessential summer activity. For centuries people have been packing their picnic baskets, finding a grassy knoll and enjoy[...]  » Read More

Beautifying Your Rooftop Garden Wit...

Minnesota is cold. Freezing cold in fact. For practically six months out of the year we’re confined to indoor heated spaces and cars shuffling [...]  » Read More

Urban Herb Gardens: How To Grow a R...

This is a guest post by a friend of ours at NewPro Containers, Sarah Westin.    I live in the Marrott Apartments in downtown Indianapolis, [...]  » Read More

Fiberglass Planters

Soils for Outdoor Containers

When you plan for your outdoor containers there are many different factors to consider. Will the container be in the sun or the shade? What size [...]  » Read More

Over-Watering a Big Concern for Ind...

Over-watering is the top cause of dead plants. Successful interiorscaping seems to require proper maintenance of the plants, flowers and settings[...]  » Read More