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Interiorscape Borrower Learn from M...

Making a profit is seldom easy in any industry, but borrower beware, especially interiorscape business owners. My First Borrower’s Story In 200[...]  » Read More

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Interiorscape Tips to Keep Your Pla...

In the interiorscape business, the longer we keep our clients’ foliage looking green and beautiful, the better our profit margin. Since the pla[...]  » Read More

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Old Plant Containers Find New Inter...

Looking for ways to recycle, repurpose, and reuse your old plant containers? As plant people, I think it’s in our nature to help the environmen[...]  » Read More

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Interiorscape Proposal Mistakes and...

Creating an accurate interiorscape proposal can be tricky. Even seasoned designers struggle. Although I’ve been putting together quotes for yea[...]  » Read More

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Flowers and Interiorscaping: What Y...

Foliage and flowers go hand and hand. Thus, it seems natural to add a cut flower division to any interiorscape company. After all, most of us alr[...]  » Read More

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Unique Interiorscape Projects to Sp...

For most of my interiorscape life, my projects have involved designing for the usual office space, lobby, landscape, or mall. Over time, that wor[...]  » Read More

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