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The Poor Horticulturist’s Guide t...

There are a few things I dread doing as an interiorscaper and one of those is creating proposals. Every time I have to sit in front of a computer[...]  » Read More

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Partnering on Regional or National ...

You may have received the call, “we have a client in your area and we’d like know if you can service them.” It’s an opportunity to be[...]  » Read More

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How to Make a Great First Impressio...

First impressions are important as the saying confirms, “You’ll never get a second chance to make a first great impression.” From 3 to 10 s[...]  » Read More

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The Power of Flowers: An Intro to F...

Introducing a flower component into your interiorscape portfolio is another great way to create monthly sales that could end up paying big divide[...]  » Read More

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Interiorscape Branding: Grow Your S...

Last time we talked about branding or re-branding your Interiorscape company. To refresh your memory, we discussed creating or re-inventing your [...]  » Read More

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Warning: You’re Losing Money ...

Life is rich with people and experiences. But let’s go just ahead and add some color and texture to that! I’m a “Color Freak”. I collect [...]  » Read More

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