Attracting New Clients with the Pow...

Plants—like accessible restrooms, safe detailing and materials—should be an absolute requirement for any building type. A recent study titled[...]  » Read More

Attracting New Clients with the Power of Nature and Partnership Featured Image

This One Question Guarantees a Sale...

Have you ever gone on a bid or sales call and the prospect says something like, “The boss wants some plants in here. Give us some ideas and you[...]  » Read More

This One Question Guarantees a Sale Almost Every Time Featured Image

Upselling Current Clients Outside O...

In 2021, I believed facemasks would be a thing of the past, buildings would be bustling again and those client projects that have been postponed [...]  » Read More

Upselling Current Clients Outside Opportunities Featured Image

Choosing the Most Durable Outdoor P...

When thoughtfully chosen, outdoor planters and containers can be the perfect accent to exterior designs. Varying finishes, colors and textures ca[...]  » Read More

Choosing the Most Durable Outdoor Planter: Fiberglass, Metal, Plastic Featured Image
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Interiorscaping Bidding Wars: Two T...

Going up against your competition to win a new account is never easy. Whenever I’ve been involved in a bidding process with other interiorscape[...]  » Read More

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Dos and Don’ts: Smartphone Ph...

In an increasingly visual and digital world, quality photos are necessary to help potential clients visualize and get inspired to see how your pr[...]  » Read More

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