How to Identify and Manage Mealybug...

These small white insects are a big problem for the interior landscape. They love tropical foliage, especially plants such as pothos and ivy. The[...]  » Read More

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Do You Know Your Green Wall Lingo?

While my primary focus is blogging about interior living walls, I think it’s time to identify all the different green wall technologies that ex[...]  » Read More

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How to Catch an Overwaterer

Overwatering is a real threat to plants. Over my years as an interiorscaper, I have warned several technicians about the danger of overwatering f[...]  » Read More

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Discarded Plants from a Plant Techn...

During my job as a plant technician, I often think how unfair it seems to throw away a living plant.* Plants are relatively stationary and comple[...]  » Read More

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Fiberglass Planters

Horticultural Trash Talk: Interiors...

No matter how long I’ve been maintaining interior plants, it still drives me insane each time I find someone using them as trash cans. I wish I[...]  » Read More

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Interiorscape Customer Retention: R...

Customer retention is a priority in any industry. At some point, all of us interiorscapers will experience losing a client. It’s an inevitable [...]  » Read More

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