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A succulent is considered any plant that stores water. This could mean in its leaves, stem or in some cases roots. Typically, when we think of s[...]  » Read More

The Benefits of Sub-irrigation

One of the most basic needs of any plants is water. However, water does not come naturally to indoor plants. As an interiorscaper you must solve [...]  » Read More

3 Ideas for Fall Containers

Fall is specifically connected with many bold colors giving you the perfect opportunity to create beautiful arrangements in containers that stand[...]  » Read More

Green Roofs

There is one surface of a building that is often forgotten and unused. Typically a roof has very little to offer beyond keeping the rain out of t[...]  » Read More

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Plantscapes for Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining is a quintessential summer activity. For centuries people have been packing their picnic baskets, finding a grassy knoll and enjoy[...]  » Read More

Window Boxes: They Aren’t Jus...

While traveling through Europe one thing that struck me as a delightful trend were the colorful little window boxes hung from the wrought iron r[...]  » Read More

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