Tips for Plant Techs

Account Efficiency, Account Effectiveness, and Making Work Enjoyable

For plant techs, it’s all about time. At least, sometimes it seems that way. Efficiency is the key to getting everything done in the allotted amount of time. And with a limited time frame and a to-do list that seems endless, it is important that plant technicians to not only work efficiently, but also effectively. Furthermore, if you are a plant tech and not enjoying your work, you’re probably not going to be one for very long.

In my three part guide, Tips for Techs, you’ll find information on how to increase your account efficiency and effectiveness all while enjoying the work you do.


Marlie Graves

Marlie GravesMarlie Graves, known as The Ficus Wrangler, has been keeping plants beautiful, training techs and relating to clients at half a dozen companies for 30 years. She studied creative writing and psychology in college and went on to start an independent film company with her first husband. She decided to focus on plants full time after completing the NYBG Horticulture School interior landscaping course. Marlie is retired, operates “The Ficus Wrangler” YouTube channel, contributes regularly to several houseplant forums, and is working on a plantcare book based on professional methods.

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