Leslie Boomer joined the Pro-Motion team in January, 2013 as a 19-year veteran of the trade publishing industry, where she spent more than half of those years serving the landscape and snow removal industries. Leslie is certified by the Weatherhead School of Management as an Executive Coach which focuses on the orientation of intentional development for resonant (inspiring) leadership, grounded in the development of emotional and social intelligence competencies. Passionate about the benefits of organizational health and team building, Leslie is eager to help others gain insight into critical work-life self-awareness, along with the importance of inspiring, relationally intelligent leadership.

Why You May Want to Turn Down Your Next ...

There’s a familiar expression, “The customer is always right.” I think this may be one of the most overused and/or misinterpreted statemen[...]  » Read More

Why You May Want to Turn Down Your Next Interiorscape Prospect Featured Image

Interiorscape Client & Employee Ret...

I love a good metaphorical story. In hopes that you do too, I’ll share one that had an important impact on me, providing the wake-up call I nee[...]  » Read More

Interiorscape Client & Employee Retention: How Little Problems Become Big Problems Featured Image

Are You Living a Legacy-Driven Life?

In my work I meet people in a wide range of leadership roles. Without exception, I’m most impressed by those who seek and find ways to help oth[...]  » Read More

Are You Living a Legacy-Driven Life? Featured Image

Failing All the Way to Success

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Words of wisdom from days gone by… thank you Winston (C[...]  » Read More

Failing All the Way to Success Featured Image
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