How Did You Celebrate National Indoor Plant Week?

Celebrated the third week in September, National Indoor Plant Week was established to create awareness of the important role live plants play in indoor environments.

Industry Involvement

Tens of thousands of plants are given away on busy street corners during National Indoor Plant Week by companies joining the national effort to familiarize people with the vast benefits of indoor plants. Here are just a few companies that participated.


Engledow Group

-Engledow Group

Indianapolis, Indiana interiorscape company, Engledow Group, observed the industry’s week long holiday by handing out 3,000 Lemon-Lime Warneckii plants to the many business professionals walking the downtown streets during their lunch hour. Engledow was joined by several good trucks to help rally attendance to the event. Engledow also hosted online plant-related trivia on their Facebook page. Contest winners were given plants as a prize.


Green Connection, a garden center and full service plantscaping company out of Anchorage, Alaska, dedicated their weekly workshop to educating individuals on how to better care for their indoor plants. Participants received a 6″ plant and some hands-on experience regarding proper watering, fertilizing, pruning, repotting, and pest control techniques.


Harding Botanicals

-Harding Botanicals

Harding Botanicals, an interiorscape company located in Massachusetts, took to the streets of Boston to hand out Azaleas to passers-by.


More than 5,000 plants were handed out in downtown Chicago, Illinois compliments of local interiorscaping company, Interior Tropical Gardens. They hope that by giving away these free plants, people will begin to see first-hand the positive impact plants can have on environments and individuals alike.


Growing Green

-Growing Green

Growing Green Inc, an interior landscape design company, invited the people of St Louis, Missouri to help them celebrate the week long holiday. They offered information on the importance of live plants in interior spaces in addition to giving away free plants.


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How You Can Help

Ready to get involved and help make a difference? Before you decide to join the celebration and start educating others, you may first want to familiarize yourself with the many benefits to having plants in the workplace.

For a quick overview of the numerous studies conducted to determine the relationship between plants, people, and interior spaces, check out our Benefits of Plants infographic. You can also join the National Indoor Plant Week community by registering online.




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