Professional’s Field Guide: Plant Pest Control

Seven of the most common indoor plant pests exposed!

GraphicsLandingPage-16Pests can be especially difficult to control in indoor landscape settings. Industry expert, Suzanne Wainwright-Evans of Buglady Consulting, shares her knowledge on 7 OF THE MOST COMMON INDOOR PLANT PESTS in this FREE Field Guide. Learn how to properly identify, manage, and prevent:

  1. Aphids
  2. Spider Mites
  3. Whiteflies
  4. Thrips
  5. Mealybugs
  6. Scale
  7. Fungus Gnats

Suzanne Wainwright-Evans
Suzanne Wainwright-EvansSuzanne has been involved in the Green Industry for more than 18-years with a primary focus on biological control and using pesticides properly. She is a graduate of the University of Florida with degrees in both Entomology and Environmental Horticulture. She has worked throughout the United States and internationally, consulting for greenhouses, nurseries, landscapers, and interiorscape companies. She has been a repeat guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio as well as appeared on Growing a Greener World on PBS. She is the owner of Buglady Consulting.



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