The Plantscaper’s Cookbook: Management

Master these five management recipes for success!

Being an effective manager has its challenges. In the first volume of this three-part ebook, industry experts, Phil Harwood and Marlie Graves, share some of the successful management recipes they’ve learned and have come to love over the years.

List of Recipes include:

  • Measuring your plant technician’s productivity, efficiency, and quality of work
  • Employee appreciation
  • Ways a supervisor improves your interiorscape business


Phil Harwood
Phil HarwoodPhil Harwood is a Managing Partner with Pro-Motion Consulting ( He is a green industry veteran with over 30 years of managerial experience. He graduated with honors from the Executive MBA Program at Michigan State University and was recently nominated “Alumnus of the Decade” by his peers.



Marlie Graves
Marlie Graves
Marlie Graves, known as The Ficus Wrangler, has been keeping plants beautiful, training techs and relating to clients at half a dozen companies for 30 years. She studied creative writing and psychology in college and went on to start an independent film company with her first husband. She decided to focus on plants full time after completing the NYBG Horticulture School interior landscaping course. Marlie is retired, operates “The Ficus Wrangler” YouTube channel, contributes regularly to several houseplant forums, and is working on a plantcare book based on professional methods.

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