5 Benefits of Using LED Lights in Christmas Displays

Every year in thousands of malls, hotels, and office complexes, strands upon strands of lights decorate interior and exterior holiday displays. If you use lights for your clients, you should consider making the switch from incandescent to LED.

There are a number of reasons LED is a great choice for Christmas lights. Many of these benefits will especially please your indoor landscaping clients.

1) Cheaper to Run

LED Lights

A bundle of colorful LED lights

LED lights use less energy than incandescent lights. It may not seem that the energy used to power Christmas lights would be a large expense, however, when you power a large display over many hours each day the cost can add up quickly. LED lights use 80 percent less energy than traditional Christmas lights. While it costs $11.06 to run 10 strands of incandescent mini lights it only costs $1.30 to run the same number of LED lights. That is a significant savings that you can pass on to your indoor landscaping clients.

2) Last Longer

LED lights last much longer than incandescent lights. In fact, LED lights last up to 66 times longer than incandescent lights. This will save you the expense of having to replace them year after year.

3) Easier to Connect

When you have a complicated display, set up is made easier with the LEDs ability to connect more strands to one another. LED strands can maintain up to 43 connections while incandescent strands can only handle up to 5 connections. As you can see, LEDs offer a lot more flexibility.

4) Going Green

Because LED lights use so much less electricity your clients can tout that they are “going green” with their holiday display. Clients will appreciate any chance to display their environmental concern to their clients. You can even take going green a step further and use solar powered LED lights. Most solar powered strands will collect enough energy to glow even on a cloudy day.

5) Safety

LED lights also run cooler than incandescent lights because they do not have a filament. This can prevent fires and makes them safer to use.


There are a few downsides to using LED lights. They are slightly more expensive than incandescent lights. However, the cost is rapidly coming down and some retailers are even offering them at the same cost as incandescents. The operating cost and longevity of the bulbs and strands will quickly make up for the cost of purchasing the initial LED strands.


LED lights are available in all of the same forms incandescent lights are including net lights, tree wraps, icicle lights and even rope lights. They can be found at all of the traditional Christmas light retailers as well as specialty stores online. You should be able to find an LED alternative to all of your lighting needs. You can even recycle your old incandescent lights.

When you make the switch to using LED lights in your holiday displays you can pass on all of the benefits to your clients. Not only will they be pleased with the beauty of your displays, but also with the cost savings and environmental benefits. If you haven’t already, consider making the switch to LED holiday lights this year.


What kind of lights do you use in your displays? What do you love about them?


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