Top Trends for Interior Landscape Design

Interior landscape design is constantly changing. Trends are always on the move and it is important to be up to date on the latest designs.

Here are a few of the latest trends in interior landscape design.

Go Vertical

Green walls are really popular right now. They are touted as being environmentally friendly and efficient at cleaning air indoor and outside. A green wall’s lush foliage doubles as a beautiful work of art. These walls can range in size from filling a multistory space to a small framed piece. Green walls grow and evolve, creating constantly changing and eye catching design pieces. With the right equipment and planning, green walls can be easily installed and maintained. Plants such as colorful bromeliads, succulents, and trailing vines like the pothos plant are great choices for green walls.

Outdoor Rooms

There is a growing movement of people wanting to spend more and more time outdoors. While these people want the advantages of sun and fresh air, few want to give up the comforts of home. Outdoor rooms allow for comfortable and stylish spaces outside the home. Even office complexes can create inviting outdoor rooms for dining or enjoying breaks. Use tall plants such as bamboo, palms, or ornamental grasses to partition spaces for outdoor rooms. Make sure these spaces include comfortable seating and plenty of lush greenery. Water features are also an excellent tool for promoting relaxation and crafting a space with ambiance.

In addition to creating outdoor rooms, you can also create the feel of being outside in an inside environment by filling spaces with lush greenery and floor-to-ceiling plants.


Herbs are lovely and edible.

Herbs are lovely and edible.

The “Locavore movement,” which challenges people to buy food grown within a strict radius of where they live, is influencing this trend. Many more people prefer the charm of knowing where their food came from or knowing some of their food was grown close by. Private home owners and restaurant owners will enjoy ornamental edibles that are both pleasing to the eye and delicious in culinary dishes. These types of edibles include herbs and ornamentals such as; sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, peppers, kale, cabbage, edible flowers, salad greens, and more. Ornamental edibles can grow in raised beds, on windowsills, or even in vertical gardens, combining two trends.

Environmental Concern

Many building owners want to find ways to save money. Environmental concern is a good way to care for the planet, but it can also attract potential clients and cut back on water and energy bills. Try to find ways to use gray water or rainwater for interior plant maintenance. Sub-irrigation is also an excellent way to use water responsibly.

Be sure to show your potential clients how interior landscaping can ultimately improve their profits and give them a reputation for environmental care.

Be Prepared

Take time to educate yourself and have the equipment and expertise available to implement these trends in your indoor and outdoor arrangements. Your clients will be glad to know you have current information about all of the latest interior landscaping designs.


What are some interior landscaping trends that you are discovering?



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Image: Mexico City Green Wall by Mark Hogan

Image: Thyme by Karen Jackson

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