8 Cool Examples of Biophilic Design in the Workplace

Biophilic design is an approach to architecture and interior design that focuses on bringing natural experiences to the built environment. These experiences have been proven to reduce stress, enhance mood, and improve creativity and productivity. With more than 90% of our lives spent inside, it’s no wonder more and more companies are looking to make biophilic design in the workplace a new standard.

Get inspired with these cool examples of biophilic design in the workplace.

Company: fairlife Offices
Location: Chicago, IL
Design Firm: BOX Studios

What We Love

  • Small conference rooms feature images of nature as well as carpeting that resembles a grassy field
  • Natural ‘earth-tone’ colors throughout the entire office design
  • Abundance of greenery throughout the open concept workplace
  • Planters acting as visual barriers to create structure
  • Incorporation of wood and other natural materials throughout
  • Carpeting in the main area evokes nature by introducing moss-like growth in an irregular pattern

Company: Sacramento Kings Corporate Offices
Location: Sacramento, CA
Design Firm: RMW Architecture & Interiors

What We Love

  • Tall plants placed in large, square neutral colored planters act to divide a large open space into several cozy work spaces
  • Use of organic materials such as the weathered wood ‘wall art’ and the landscaping stones under rows of plant containers
  • Irregular pattern in carpet evokes nature by mimicking natural materials
  • Creative interior lighting used to cast shadows of naturalistic shapes

Company: Uptake Headquarters
Location: Chicago, IL
Design Firm: BOX Studios

What We Love

  • Carpet that mimics the natural landscape
  • Abundance of natural material used throughout – wood flooring and beams, raw logs used to divide space, etc
  • This place is a literal jungle – green walls, potted plants, and hanging plants
  • Serene yoga room with calming foliage and warm lighting offers refuge to employees

Company: Adobe Headquarters
Location: San Jose, CA
Design Firm: Gensler

What We Love

  • Earth-tones dominate this office design
  • Use of wooden boxes to create naturalistic shapes on walls and ceiling
  • Grassy textured carpet coupled with picnic tables represent a natural landscape
  • Meeting room inclosed with glass resembles a greenhouse
  • Images of nature used as large wall murals

Company: Forest City Offices
Location: Cleveland, OH
Design Firm: Vocon

What We Love

  • Irregularly patterned carpet in main area coupled with grassy green patches of carpeting in strategic areas simulate the use of natural materials throughout
  • Wooden wall designed with the use of repetitive, varied patterns found in nature
  • Inclusion of plants in the space via a large-scale green wall as well as tall rectangle planters used to divide the large space
  • Abundance of interior lighting mimics a sky-lit atrium

Company: Carvana Offices
Location: Tempe, AZ
Design Firm: RSP Architects

What We Love

  • Creative light pendants used to simulate natural light
  • Use of natural materials for both the floors and furniture
  • Natural, earthy color palette used throughout the office design
  • Green, grass-like rug carves out an informal workspace that mimics the outdoors
  • Mounted planters on an open structure wall to add greenery and interest

Company: Prolific Interactive Offices
Location: New York City, NY
Design Firm: Amenta Emma Architects

What We Love

  • Natural materials emit a warm and comfortable environment
  • Neutral colored rug features a natural fracture pattern
  • Use of glass walls allows for as much natural lighting as possible
  • Exposed structures that allow for occupants to observe slight but natural changes in the built environment over time
  • Living green wall adds both interest and a pop of color to an otherwise neutral color palette

Company: United Technologies Digital Offices
Location: New York City, NY
Design Firm: Gensler

What We Love

  • Amazing mix of natural materials used throughout the office
  • Use of greenery in hanging planters, living walls, and potted floor planters provide direct relationship to nature
  • Exposed wooden beams simulate trees while splashes of green carpet mimic grass
  • Strategically chosen interior lighting used imitate natural lighting

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