New Indoor Folding Garden in China Center

Interiorscaping brings two worlds together.

Changi AirportIt seems businesses and organizations everywhere are realizing the benefits of indoor plants. Managers and owners are starting to understand the benefits of indoor plants for employees. This realization that a indoor plants can provide a fresh environment leading to happier employees and customers all while improving efficiency is leading more to look to the interiorscaping industry for help.

The interiorscaping bug has spread around the world as Chinese business leaders bring their indoor planting tastes to New York for the new China Center in the World Trade Center.

China Center Floral Garden

Check out China Center Unveils Indoor Garden Design for One World Trade Center:

The China Center, the building’s first tenant, unveiled plans Friday to build a vertical Chinese garden through their leased space on the 64th to 69th floors of the still-rising skyscraper.

The design, called “Folding Garden,” includes green walls bursting with native Asian plants lining the building’s winding hallways. The walls are meant to make visitors feel as though they’re meandering through nature, rather than walking through one of the most secure office buildings in the world.

China Center Chairman Feng Lun said in a statement that he wants the design to show people a different view of China than they might find in New York’s Chinatown.

What a great project for New York and what a great story for the interiorscaping industry.

The design of the Folding Garden should be quiet the showcase of the beauty of interior landscaping. The design is already generating positive buzz for the interiorscaping industry.

The designers of the Folding Garden in the China Center in New York are looking to bring a new perspective to the world about what China is about. They want to change the perception people around the world have of China and its people. They are looking to modernize the Chinese way while showing their personal qualities for a high standard of life for all people.

That’s quite the task for an indoor garden, but since the China Center will be such a key piece for future business happenings between China, the US and the world it shows just how important business leaders view interiorscaping.

My guess is the people in charge of the project have researched the impact indoor plants can have in a business setting. Indoor plants clean the air and improve efficiencies of workers in the indoor climate. With so many important meetings expected to take place in the China Center it’s no surprise the managers in charge of the project looked for indoor plants to play a key role in establishing a friendly and healthy environment.

While no one expects miracles to happen it’s not out of the question to think the building’s occupants and visitors will experienced a refreshed indoor setting as a result of the Folding Garden.

It’s great to see the interiorscaping industry on display in one of the world’s largest cities. If business leaders from the US and China understand the importance of indoor plants at such a grand scale there is no doubt smaller businesses in cities all over the US and the world will look to interiorscapers for indoor planting projects.

The future of indoor landscaping looks bright.

Changi Airport image courtesy of thienzieyung

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