A Sight to See: Indoor Hanging Plants

Up in the air for all to see.

Hanging indoor plants is often overlooked in houses, in the office, and in the work area. With all the options available for decorating rooms and office areas it can be easy to overlook the benefits of getting a plant or two up at eye level and in the view of the building’s occupants.

Hanging plants are typically seen outside around the patio or next to a walk in door way entrance. Sometimes at an outdoor restaurant you’ll see some beautiful hanging plants near the window so the restaurant patrons can smell the wonderful scents of the flowers rather than the exhaust of the autos and buildings around them.

Taking those smells and sights inside can be just as beneficial for the people working and visiting. A hanging indoor plant in the greeting room or entrance could make for a memorable first impression as business owners greet their guests. A focal point inside the office doesn’t have to be the desk. A nice hanging plant behind the desk or in the waiting room area can be a welcome addition that not only looks interesting, but adds a great fresh scent at any time of the year.

Rob Proctor is a plant expert. I came across this video with Rob where he discusses the benefits of hanging plants indoors…

Hanging Plants Indoors

Hanging plants reach new heights

As you can see, Rob knows his stuff. A few of the key points he shares include:

  • Keep plants and flowers at eye level
  • Use adjustable chain
  • Be careful with low light plants and the outdoors
  • A good plant can scent an entire building
  • Interesting features on plants make for conversation pieces

Indoor Hanging Plant Options

If you’re looking to hang some plants indoors for your next project there are some great plant options and some great planter options. Your creativity will probably make for some wonderful combinations.

In the video Rob mentions a few of the plants he has on display. The Jasmine seemed to be popular with everyone in the building. They were able to smell the wonderful aroma throughout the office. A good, but subtle smelling plant could make for a happier office or restaurant atmosphere and something like the Jasmine is a good choice.

Also mentioned is the goldfish plant – a good little conversation starter. Also the lipstick plant seemed to get the attention of the host in the video. She loved the little features on the plant that appeared to be lipstick containers – hence the name.

Now for hanging plants indoors there are some great options.

There is the wonderful and popular Metallic Hanging Planter from Newpro. The metallic finish makes for a great statement piece in any indoor setting. It’s been popular with customers in the past and we see many repeat purchases. The hanging Metallic Bowl is also very popular. There are many color options and the planter hanging chains are sold separately.

A heavy duty gauge molded hanging bowl is another option for offices, restaurants and hotels. They’re sturdy and can stand up to anything the visitors of the building or the employees can throw at it – on accident of course.


Don’t forget about what hanging plants have to offer. When inside, hanging plants can make for great focal points. In entrance ways and waiting rooms hanging plants can make for something interesting to look at and the right plant can make the entire area smell nice. It’s a great combination for a top notch first impression.

How have you used hanging plants indoors for your projects?

What were the reactions to your hanging plant designs?

Please share your experiences in the comments.

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