Seven Unique Outdoor Containers

The last few weeks we have been discussing outdoor containers. In order to have a little fun and inspire some creativity, I have found pictures of unique outdoor containers.

Some are pictures of containers that are elegant and beautiful and may give you some new ideas for arrangements. Others are more unique and probably would not be used in a professional setting, but they may spark some new ideas.


1. Hanging Planters

These hanging planters are simple. It is their gorgeous conical silhouette and grouping that makes this display spectacular.  How can you use the “rule of three” to make your plant designs more interesting?

Daniel Hanging Environmental-03

2. Tall Containers

This photo displays an elegant and brilliantly colorful arrangement. Pay attention also, to the height and depth as well as the color found in the container. What ways have you used color to add interest to your outdoor containers?  What plants or objects have you used in your outdoor containers to create a sense of height?

MegaPots Planter

3. Brightly Colored Planters

These outdoor containers catch the eye with their bright colors and challenge the onlookers perspective with their size. The giant flower pots dominate their space and cannot be ignored. What tactics do you use to catch people’s eye?

Giant Flower Pots by meddygarnet

Giant Flower Pots by meddygarnet

4. Wall Sconce Planters

This picture offers a unique take on wall sconce planters. Many of these containers were installed in a grouping to create a living green wall with a twist.

Wall Sconce Planters

5. Re-purposed Containers

These clogs are re-purposed as decorative planters. While clog containers are likely not appropriate for most professional settings, perhaps this idea will help shed light on other relevant objects that could be re-purpose as interesting containers?

Clogs as plant pots by nanimo

Clogs as plant pots by nanimo

6. Lighted Plant Containers

The ambiance on this patio is created by unique lighted containers. Another way to achieve a softly lit container arrangement is through the creative use of top dressing. Installing rope lighting below a layer of Translucent Quartz Rockafillers would also provide unique lighting to a plant display.

Cafe Seats with Lighted Flower Pots by sovine5

Cafe Seats with Lighted Flower Pots by sovine5


7. Interestingly Shaped planters

This origami inspired plant container is sure to add interest to any plant display. Unique shapes add an element of interest and demand attention.

Uniquely Shaped Planter

These containers are just a few examples of all of the creative objects and arrangements you can use in your outdoor plantscape designs. As you are looking for the perfect container for the spaces that you are creating, be sure to browse the NewPro’s outdoor planters collection.  There is a large selection of durable, attractive containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. These planters can add personality and charm to your outdoor landscapes.

Please share with us in the comments how you have used unique objects or settings to create memorable outdoor plantscapes for your clients.

Fiberglass Planters

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