4 Gorgeous Plants for Hanging Planters

Have you been looking for a unique plant for your indoor hanging planter? Plants that trail and spill over the edge of containers are ideal for hanging planters. There are many to choose from. Here are four plants that have unique foliage and will make attractive hanging arrangements:

Wandering Jew Plant

The Wandering Jew Plant is a colorful foliage plant that grows prolifically. It has oblong leaves that come to a point at the tip. They are glossy and tinged purple with two silver stripes down either side of the middle and bright purple on the bottom. This plant grows well in indoor conditions, it requires moderate exposure to bright light and average humidity. It should be pruned back vigilantly to keep it from becoming thin and leggy. Cuttings will quickly start new plants.


Hoya come in many species and varieties that offer different variegation, leaf size and shape and blossoms. They often have waxy or glossy leaves giving them their other common name, wax plant. They can produce very beautiful blooms in pinks and creams, however conditions must be just right to produce a blossom. They have a small star shaped flowers that forms in ball like clumps. These plants like moderate bright light and humidity. They can be misted regularly to keep the humidity around the plants higher. When well taken care of the Hoya can be a very long lived plant.

Rosary Vine

The rosary vine is a succulent plant that is also called string of hearts. The small, heart shaped leaves hang down on cascading stems giving it the appearance of beads on a necklace. This plant is adapted to arid conditions and should never be overwatered. It should also be potted in a well draining mix. Unlike many other houseplants it does not require high humidity. A full day of bright indirect light is ideal for this plant, but it will tolerate some direct sunlight as well.

Goldfish PlantGoldfish Plant

The goldfish plant is a unique plant that is named for its bright orange blossoms that look remarkably like goldfish. This plant is a bit more difficult to care for but its one-of-a-kind look is worth the effort. The goldfish plant is naturally epiphytic, which means they grow attached to a substrate such as a tree. Because their roots are adapted to act as anchors  they should be planted in well draining soil and never overwatered. If the plant stays too soggy it will be easily killed by root rot. This plant also requires a lot of bright light and plenty of humidity. You may need to add a humidifier to the room if it is very dry. Regular misting will also help maintain a healthy plant. With the proper care the goldfish plant will continuously produce blooms throughout the spring and summer.

These four plants are sure to make attractive hanging planters. While some require more care than others their beautiful form and unique flowers are often worth the effort. What are you favorite plants to use in hanging arrangements?


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