5 Interiorscape Veterans Weigh-in on Employee Uniforms

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Let’s talk about employee uniforms.

Most companies seem to provide shirts for their Horticulturists and Installers. How do you decide how many to provide, and how often do you provide them? What style shirts — t-shirts, golf shirts or button front? Short sleeve or long? What about jackets? Have you found one color or another to be preferable? How about bottoms? Do you provide pants or shorts, and do you regulate what color they should be?

“Here in New Jersey, we have two sets of uniform shirts, short-sleeved for spring/summer and a long-sleeved version for fall/winter…collared golf polos on both counts. No jackets. We have found forest (dark) green works best. It doesn’t show stains much and looks appropriate for a “green team” member. We’ve tried all colors in the past, but lighter ones tend to show too much dirt and stains, and black or brown just doesn’t communicate “living things” very well. Pants can be chinos, Dockers or cargos, no shorts allowed.” – Clem Cirelli, Bellmont Greenhouses

“NYS requires one shirt for every day of work as a base line. We provide both warm and cold season shirts plus sweatshirts and or jackets. They can choose out of the catalog or buy and be reimbursed for shirts of their choosing as we want them to feel comfortable and confident while representing us. We reimburse for pants and shorts also based on service days as well as one pair of footwear per year. We consider uniforms a part of our branding and personal pride and comfort by our techs.” – Karen McGowan, Capital Interiorscapes

“I started with some cheap t-shirts and they looked awful and amateur. I am upgrading to polo shirts with a collar, the ones with a couple buttons at the chest, and an embroidered logo on the front and print logo on back. I think it’s important to show a little bit of investment in quality of appearance. As far as pants, I’m looking into some cargo style pants with function and comfort.” – Nikki Bouchier, Off the Wall Greenscapes

“We provide one t-shirt with company logo for each day of the week worked. In summer, we offer a lightweight “tech fabric” if that option is preferred. We provide long sleeve and 3/4 sleeve in winter. A variety of dark colors are offered. We provide soft shell hooded jackets and zipped sweatshirts. We allow long shorts in the summer. We feel that if our technicians look professional, it is a good reflection on our company and the shirts provide good advertising!” – Pepper Ballien, Interior Gardens

Great conversation! My few thoughts: We have tried many different colors and styles over the years and settled on black Polo’s with our embroidered logo on the left chest. We offer a combination of short and long sleeve and provide one short sleeve for each work day plus a few long sleeve for cooler Miami days. We don’t allow shorts, but we do allow jeans or khakis. Jeans must be black or dark blue, not faded and not torn or shredded as may be considered trendy today. Shoes must be black, brown or sneakers and, if shirts are tucked in, a belt MUST be worn. Company logoed caps are provided, if desired, and are the only headdress that may be worn. All logoed items MUST be returned to the company upon separation.

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Steve is the Founder and "Chief Leaf" of FosterPlants, Inc., an award-winning boutique Interiorscape firm located in Miami, FL. The company has been in business under his leadership for over 30 years and specializes in Ultra high-end residential and select commercial & hospitality accounts.

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