Sherry has been part of the interiorscape industry for over fifteen years, starting at an entry level job at North Florida's largest greenhouse and currently owning two horticulture companies. At UMaine, Sherry majored in English where she worked part-time writing scripts for a local college TV studio.

4 Colorful Indoor Plant Hybrids for Inte...

Finding unique colorful foliage that will survive interior conditions has always been a challenge.  In landscape design, there’s a wide range [...]  » Read More

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3 Common Interiorscaping Issues & T...

Whenever a business works with a living product, there’s always a risk, something will go wrong.  With over two decades in the industry, I hav[...]  » Read More

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COVID-19 and Interior Landscaping: Avoid...

NewPro Note: Please heed CDC instructions in the face of COVID-19. Wash your hands, wear a mask, practice social distancing, and stay home if you[...]  » Read More

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Aesthetic Atrium Plant Design with Pract...

The first time an atrium plant design is installed, it looks amazing. Without proper design and care, that atrium will quickly become messy and o[...]  » Read More

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Fiberglass Planters

COVID-19, Disinfectant and Plants

Since COVID-19, I’ve come across a few damaging plant situations. Overwatering, lack of light, and disinfectant applications are some of what I[...]  » Read More

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How to Choose the Right Planter for a Cl...

Clients can quickly become overwhelmed with too many choices. Here's one pro interiorscaper's process on how to choose the right planter for clie[...]  » Read More

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