Sherry has been part of the interiorscape industry for over fifteen years, starting at an entry level job at North Florida's largest greenhouse and currently owning two horticulture companies. At UMaine, Sherry majored in English where she worked part-time writing scripts for a local college TV studio.

Computer Scam: Don’t Be Fooled Like Me

You are always susceptible to a computer scam, regardless of your industry or career.  I’m in the horticulture industry because I prefer gett[...]  » Read More

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Why Press Releases Benefit Your Interior...

Does your interiorscape company use print ads or have you inquired about placing one? If so, you know how expensive that type of press marketing[...]  » Read More

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Succession: Is Your Interiorscape Busine...

After running your business for years, it’s time to think about succession.  You’ve spent years building your interiorscape business[...]  » Read More

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How to Prepare Your Interiorscape Busine...

Living on the coast of Florida, I’m always attuned to developing hurricanes and when I heard the dire weather predictions for Florence, I was r[...]  » Read More

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The Difference Between Personal & P...

With the exception of poinsettias, I never understood the connection between holiday decor and interiorscaping. My first holiday decorating job o[...]  » Read More

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Don’t Let Fungus Gnats Plague Your...

Unlike mealybugs or spider mites, fungus gnats or fruit flies can be twice as difficult to combat with their mobile abilities. Since they are att[...]  » Read More

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