Allison is a budding plant person looking to share what she learns from horticulture and other subject matter experts. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Anderson University and is a SEO and Outreach Specialist at NewPro Containers. Her experience in PR and marketing has given her the skills to distill key facts and advice clearly and concisely across various platforms and mediums. When she is not researching new plants to add to her growing collection, she enjoys going on motorcycle rides and watching road-trip movies.

COVID-19, Disinfectant and Plants

Since COVID-19, I’ve come across a few damaging plant situations. Overwatering, lack of light, and disinfectant applications are some of what I[...]  » Read More

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How to Clean Plant Leaves

A regular part of interiorscaping maintenance is making sure plant designs look great and stay healthy. Regularly cleaning foliage can give plant[...]  » Read More

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Winter Care for Fiberglass Planters

For year-round displays, it’s crucial to select planter materials that are able to withstand the elements. Fiberglass planters are frequently c[...]  » Read More

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Tech Tips for Diagnosing Plant Problems

Plant technicians are your frontline to maintain accounts and plant health. Though routine visits are key, despite best efforts, some plants will[...]  » Read More

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Fiberglass Planters

Refreshed Holiday Planter Ideas

Though the holidays are months away, interiorscapers are doing their due diligence to establish some normalcy and cheer by reaching out to contac[...]  » Read More

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Protecting Client Floors From Plants and...

Protecting the floors of clients is an important responsibility interior plantscapers take on with every installation. Though mishaps happen, rem[...]  » Read More

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