Starting Stories: Michael Creath with Planthropy

This series is dedicated to bringing in unique and compelling stories of how different folks found their way to this unique industry.

A big thank you to Michael for giving us permission to share his story. Check out Planthropy, and join the Facebook Group to add to the discussion!

“I have a landscape design background and owned a very small landscape business doing mostly residential design and maintenance. Being in Ohio, labor work is seasonal and snow plowing is your primary winter work and is very unpredictable and I needed a change.

In 2012 I saw my first living wall and fell in love with the idea. I researched the concept and used the Patrick Blanc method and built my own 12′ x 18′ successful living wall on my first try! I started to mess around with moss as well and always had an artistic approach to the plant world. I noticed in my town there were only a few interiorscape companies and I literally reached out to all of them. I remember talking about all my fresh ideas and creativity I could bring and…nothing. No job after four different company interviews. I like to say I was too progressive for them at the time.

Fast forward a few years of doing things my way, I was a 40 under 40 representative for GPN Magazine at Cultivate as one to watch in the industry. I was doing living walls and moss walls, but I didn’t really have much of a reach or a plan to take the next step.

In 2016 everything changed. I met Jessie Laux, owner of Planthropy. She had been in the corporate marketing world for about 10 years and launched Planthropy when she started to feel like she needed a change. Planthropy at the time specialized in creating, selling and educating people on different plants and arrangements. Working with her hands and creating living arrangements was a passion that felt purposeful – bringing joy and happiness to others when they brought an arrangement or plant into their space.

Jessie always had a passion for art and design. Working with her hands, creating and building was always something she knew she wanted to do. With a background in Graphic Design and a minor in Art Management and Marketing, working with plants quickly became her new favorite medium.

Our backgrounds and enthusiasm for nature were really the perfect combination to keep our passions moving forward! We decided to combine our business and haven’t looked back or left each other’s side since.

Today we specialize in moss art, living walls, and interior plantscape design. We have large scale installations in 21 states. Our product line has been shipped to 39 different states, all in the last 4 years. We went from a living room, to a garage, to a small studio, and we are currently in contract to buy our first building! (Keep those fingers crossed, please!)

The feedback and encouragement we get from the interiorscape family is tremendous and humbling. We remember when first researching interiorscapes and seeing all your names and faces, and projects…you were all like accomplished mythical creatures to us.

Now, these same people support us, have become an amazing resource, wish us happy birthday on Facebook and texts and we bounce and share ideas! We are truly inspired by each of you and very much look up to your accomplishments and feedback.

We are lucky to live in the host city of Cultivate, Columbus, and our absolute favorite time of the year when we get to hang out with all you beautiful interioscapers!”

Allison is a budding plant person looking to share what she learns from horticulture and interiorscaping subject matter experts. When she is not researching new plants to add to her growing collection, she enjoys going on motorcycle rides and watching road-trip movies.

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