4 Creative Ideas that Rock

When it comes to designing a gardenscape, or creating a beautiful setting for an event, rocks probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, with a little imagination, you can easily create inspired designs for your client that offer a whole new look!

Number 1: Fountains 

Whether on the inside or outside of a fountain, rocks can add that extra wow factor you’ve been looking for. In this first example, note how by simply adding rocks within a beautiful fountain fixture you can end up with a stylish look. You can choose to match your stones with the color of the fountain, or experiment with contrasting colors. In the image below, a Curbside flat bottom bowl has been used to create this gorgeous fountain, filled with smooth black rocks.
 Stone Fountain
In the second example, merely adding a circle of smooth stones around the fountain itself can also give a nice touch:
 Stone Fountain

NOTE: Because rocks are naturally heavy, buying a big shipment to do your landscaping could be costly. An easy solution is to purchase a supply of faux rocks to help make your work more cost effective while still getting the gorgeous payoff!

Number 2: Pathways & Earth/Stone Designs

Because rocks come in various colors, you can use this to your advantage to come up with unique designs. Experiment with white, grey, or black rocks, to create patterns or shapes that might be appealing to your client. Our first photo shows a rock design using two different colored rocks, and two different sizes. This “stone rug” could be used as part of a path or simply for show.

Rock Garden Design

In the next image we see a smaller design that could perhaps be replicated several times around the garden, or add extra detail alongside a cement or stone walkway. Again, by using varying colors of rocks, patterns easily come to life. Try experimenting with different combinations of colors and sizes.

Rock Pattern


Number 3: Planters

Rocks make a great final touch as a dressing in planters. Not only will you be doing the plants a favor, as the soil won’t dry out as fast, but you are also helping yourself out. No need to worry about splashing around dirt when you water your plants because the rocks act as natural protectors. Rocks simply look great with planters and will be a hit with your clients. Whether you use them inside or outside, it makes no difference!

Outdoor Planter with Rocks
Rock Fillers for Planter


Number 4: Events –Centerpieces & Decor

Who would have thought that putting rocks on a dining table could look stunning? These next examples will show you just how easy it is to create a beautiful look for your upcoming special events.

Using rocks as a centerpiece gives the impression of a simple, yet elegant event. If you want to get even more creative, use a small stone for seating assignments, as well.

Dining Table Rock Centerpiece
Dinner Seating Assignment









Adding cut flowers to the stones to create centerpieces can be a nice touch for an event like a wedding or anniversary party. Also, consider replacing flower petals with stones to indicate a pathway. Because you may be involved in the set-up and take-down of the events, keep in mind, as mentioned earlier in the post, using faux rocks, which are lighter and easy to clean up, and won’t scratch delicate surfaces.

Rock and Flower Centerpieces

 Wedding Ceremony Decor








As you can see, rocks have a multitude of uses for your landscaping and event designs. Try out some of these ideas, or use them for inspiration to create your own unique compositions.

Share with us which ideas you like best, or let us know what other great ideas you’ve come up with!


Images courtesty of:
Martha Stewart.com

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