Interiorscaping: It’s Worth the Investment

"It does grow on trees"Many of us have wished that money would grow on trees. A recent study shows that for some business owners it might.

As an interior landscaper, you are very familiar with the benefits of indoor plants. You share with potential clients that indoor plants clean air, improve overall health, improve morale and even lead to increased productivity. It has often been your job to convince the client that these benefits are worth the initial investment into an interior plantscape, however, there have been very few numeric figures available to support these claims. Clients simply had to assume from the studies available about plants improving health and productivity, that the indoor plants would ultimately improve business numbers. Recently, Horticulture Weekly, an industry magazine out of the United Kingdom, posted an article with an actual figure attached. This figure would encourage any smart business owner to invest in interior landscaping.

The Numbers

The article stated that a study was discussed at a recent conference hosted by the European Federation of Interior Landscape Groups or eFIG. The study was performed by the University of Groningen in conjunction with the University of Exeter. It followed a large London auditing company. The company initially invested £10,000 (slightly less than $16,000) in indoor office plants on one floor of the office complex. They then saw a £5,000,000 (nearly $8,000,000) improvement in productivity on that floor. This is an incredibly significant number.

We have discussed other studies that show plants improve productivity, but this study provides a concrete number that can help businesses understand the significance of investing in an interior plantscape. Concrete numbers are especially helpful when trying to win new clients in a difficult economy. When businesses are cutting back it is often the seemingly non-essentials such as indoor landscaping that go first. But when you can share with a client how you will help them make money they will be more inclined to continue or begin using your services.

Employee Involvement

Dr. Craig Knight of the University of Exeter told attendees of the eFIG conference that,

“If staff can choose how to enrich a space and realise their identity, they feel healthier, happier and have more job satisfaction and better well-being.”

As an interior landscaper this means your job must go beyond creating and installing indoor landscapes in office spaces. In order for indoor plants to have the most positive effects in office spaces employees must feel a sense of ownership and identity in the plants. This may mean meeting with the employees to see what types of plants they enjoy or maybe even encourage them to choose colors or styles of containers. Offer direction, of course, because an employer will want a plantscape that will both work in the space provided and be attractive. If employees are allowed into the creative process and welcome plants they enjoy into their work space that sense of ownership in the interior landscape will improve morale, health and productivity.  This process will require more work for you as you already know exactly what plants would work well. However, when employees experience greater satisfaction with the process clients will be even more pleased with your service.

Good News

In a time when winning new clients can be difficult, these types of studies are good news, and essential for being able to explain the necessities of indoor plants. Consider how you can broaden the creative process to include employees so that they are invested in their work space. Make sure your client understands why this is process is essential for the high productivity results they are seeking. Then they can support their employees through the process. What is the number one reason clients choose to use your interiorscape service? Have you shared the benefits of increased productivity with any potential clients?

Photo “It does grow on trees” courtesy of  Craig Hatfeild.

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