Increasing Sales with High Quality Product Photography

With an estimate that one trillion photos will be taken in 2015, I think it is safe to say that we, as a society, are visual beings. Due to smartphones, more pictures are being taken than ever before.

How exactly does this increase in imagery affect our businesses?

67% of e-commerce customers claim that the quality of a product photo is “very important” when making a purchase. In fact, these consumers think that good product imagery is more important than product information, a detailed description, and even reviews.  Now, I am not saying to forgo the details in lieu of photos. But the inclusion of high-quality product photography is now a crucial part of making a sale. Visual imagery of your products or services help potential customers make their own decisions about your business without them having to read through a usually biased sales pitch.

At NewPro, we are asked frequently for photos of our products that can be used in proposals, on websites, etc. Here are three methods you can use to access those highly coveted images and help convert your leads into sales.



Since we launched our new website, the process of downloading pictures is a little different. Please see the directions below:

To download an image, you will need to click that zoom button on the bottom right of the picture you are interested in.


Once you click zoom it looks like this.

Product Image

Then you can right click the image and “save as.”

These are all 800×600 web ready images.



You can embed our unbranded, price-free flipbooks directly on your site so your customers can view our entire selection of containers without knowing who your vendor is. You can choose to embed one, two, or all three books and they will function on your site they way they do on To embed these, you will need to do the following:

Visit and click on the browse button for flipbook you would like to embed.

I chose the Made in the USA flipbook (shown below).

Made in the USA

Once here, choose the share button shown in the bottom left corner. It looks like a sideways “v”. Here it is larger. Share

Insert to Site

Once you click the share button (sideways “v”) you will see this pop up box. Click the “Insert to Site” text.


You can then copy and paste the code shown into your website. (If you have a web developer, you may want to call upon them to help you with this process).



You can contact us to obtain access to our Dropbox.  We use Dropbox to house our high resolution product photography. Some of our customers have a need for large, print quality images. But because these files are so large, we are unable to email them. In this case, we can simply send you a link to our Dropbox account where you can download the images you need.


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