Refreshed Holiday Planter Ideas

Though the holidays are months away, interiorscapers are doing their due diligence to establish some normalcy and cheer by reaching out to contacts and clients for holiday planter arrangements. As interiorscapers navigate the new holiday landscape, breathe new life into plant designs with a few different takes on typical holiday planter options.

Sleek, Shining Displays

Streamlined metallic planter options add festive shine wherever they’re placed. Our Vista planters are constructed of durable plastic and foil is smoothly applied to the surface to give the look of a metal planter without the heft or the rust. 

Use these planters with bright hues of emerald green and polished ruby red to give traditional designs a sleek refresh. Incorporate gold for a more ornate feel, or use rose gold as a sweet accent. For a more modern take, pair sapphire and silver planters for a frosted winter wonderland plant design. 

Painted Fiberglass

Since interior holiday plant arrangements may not be a possibility this year, some interiorscapers are pivoting their strategy to focus on exterior holiday designs. One of the key considerations plantscapers have to factor in is how inclement weather may affect holiday installations.

For durable and festive installations, consider using painted fiberglass planters. Painted fiberglass planters use an automotive-grade finishing process to make sure colors don’t easily fade or wash away in interior or exterior installations.

Enjoy bright shades of gloss red and gloss or matte white for more traditional holiday cheer. Or, consider adding a bit of shimmer with finishes in metallic gold and metallic silver. For custom colors, contact our customer service team with a specific RAL color option. 

Holiday Wraps

Holiday wraps, otherwise known as speed covers, are a classic standby for holiday decorations. Made of formed foil, holiday wraps offer an affordable option for interior plant designs.

Available in silver, red, green and gold, holiday wraps easily add a decorative touch to classic poinsettias and other holiday plant installations. One key with speed covers is to make sure they are ordered early, to ensure the sizes and colors needed for holiday installations are sent in time for installation.

The holiday season might look very different this year. Though there will be new challenges decorating for the holidays, plantscaping professionals are sure to bring a sense of cheer and normalcy through their designs and installations.

Allison is a budding plant person looking to share what she learns from horticulture and other subject matter experts. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Anderson University and is a SEO and Outreach Specialist at NewPro Containers. Her experience in PR and marketing has given her the skills to distill key facts and advice clearly and concisely across various platforms and mediums. When she is not researching new plants to add to her growing collection, she enjoys going on motorcycle rides and watching road-trip movies.

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