Several Ways to Use the Multidisciplinary No-Hole Liner

No-Hole Liners” are inexpensive and have many useful purposes for the plantscaper.

The No-Hole Liner is a modified version of the common black plastic grow pot, without the holes cut into the bottom. While its greater gauge thickness and height means it’s a definite upgrade to common clear vinyl liners; they are also a little larger as well.  This subtle size difference allows for additional space to set the common grow pot into the No-Hole Liner; or the increased size difference also allows enough space for foam inserts our no-hole liners.  An 8” grow pot would need a 9” No-Hole Liner, a 10” grow pot would need an 11” No-Hole Liner, etc.

Plantscapers have reported using a more rigid No-Hole Liner to support and contain the foam insert around the root ball of the plant, which keeps the root ball from destabilizing. Since the No-Hole Liner is larger, it allows space for the foam liner around the root ball to fit in securely.

When it comes time to discard and replace the plant entirely, the extra space is an added benefit. Not only will the No-Hole Liner contain the mess, the plant is easier to remove and purge in a more convenient location. Can you imagine the mess of removing a wet, dirty, dripping plant if it is unconfined?

One of the more common uses of the No-Hole Liner is to set a grow pot with plant into the liner’s sleeve, which is then placed into planter bed to be covered by mulch, stone or soil.  As a result, excess water can be drained from the grow pot and contained within the No-Hole Liner as a water-tight reservoir.

The No-Hole Liner also aids in preventing leakage onto carpets from imperfect decorative plant containers that may develop cracks or pin holes over time.  You team up a clear vinyl saucer and with the No-Hole Liners to provide an additional degree of security from leakage onto floors and surfaces.

While I’ve listed common uses of No-Hole Liners, you have likely put them to use in other ways. What are some more creative uses you have devised? Feel free to list them in the “Comments” section below.

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