The Peace Lily for Clean Air

The Peace Lilly is one of the most common houseplants. An interior landscaper might be quick to dismiss using a peace lily in an indoor landscape because they are so widely used in homes. However, there are a number of benefits and hidden advantages to decorating with peace lilies that are sure to please your clients."Lily"


While the bathroom is one of the most difficult places to sustain live plant life, public or employee bathrooms are also some of the spaces most in need of green plant life. Green life in a bathroom will make it feel more comfortable, welcoming and well-kept.  Because bathrooms very rarely have natural light it is difficult to find a plant that will thrive in that environment. The Peace Lily is adapted to life on the tropical forest floor and therefore it does not require much light. It will flower more vigorously if it receives some indirect bright light, but the attractive foliage will thrive in lower light conditions as well. The Peace Lily also thrives in humid environments. The humidity in bathrooms and kitchens is usually a bit higher than other locations inside buildings making them the perfect place for a Peace Lily. One other advantage to placing Peace Lilies in bathrooms, kitchens and other humid areas is its natural ability to absorb mold spores from the air. Garden Guides cites Marie Harrison stating,

“plant-filled rooms have 50 to 60 percent fewer airborne molds and bacteria’ than rooms without plants.”

Garden Guides lists the Peace Lily among several plants that are able to absorb mold and mildew. It is often a concern that indoor plants will produce allergy inducing mold, but in fact if watered correctly the Peace Lily will reduce mold spores found in the air. It is important that the soil supporting a Peace Lily does not remain soggy so that mold growth on the soil surface is prohibited. Peace Lilies are more drought tolerant than moisture tolerant. It is better to err on the side of not enough water than too much.

Clean Air

In addition to removing mold from the air The Peace Lily removes other toxins as well. A study performed by NASA recently proved the effectiveness of house plants in purifying the air. In that study Peace Lilies appeared to be particularly good at removing formaldehyde and benzene from the environment according to The Daily South.  Ventilation and air circulation are often sacrificed in buildings for energy efficiency. Indoor air is becoming increasingly more contaminated with trapped pollutants.  This makes the use of living plants indoors more necessary than ever before.  For more information on how plants improve air quality, see this earlier post.

The next time you are searching for the perfect plant for a public bathroom or simply need to freshen up some stale air don’t forget the power of the Peace Lily. Even though it is a common houseplant the Peace Lily can still be stunningly beautiful. With the right container and space for display the Peace Lily can effectively freshen up any environment.

Photo “Lily” courtesy of OiMax

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