Why Container Gardening is so Popular

Montrose GardensContainer gardening is on the rise in the United States. The Daily Green states that “U.S. consumers now spend 1.3 billion dollars on container gardening.” Instead of planting complicated landscapes and vast rows of vegetables, more and more people are turning to containers to meet their gardening needs. There are a number of reasons containers are so popular. Indoor landscapers can take advantage of this popularity to attract more clients.


More people are living in cities with smaller lots or apartments with no lots at all. Containers allow residents to create beautiful arrangements with very limited space. They can fit on porches, patios,rooftops and balconies. Containers can transform concrete cityscapes into lush green spaces.


People are also becoming increasingly busy. No one has time to weed a large garden, spread out mulch around landscaping or drag hoses around to water. Containers offer landscaping without as much of the hard work. They are virtually weed free and require little care other than watering with a watering can once they have been planted. For those pressed for time, but still want vegetables or flowers, a container or group of containers is the easy solution. They are also ideal for people who spend much of the summer traveling. A neighbor can very easily water a few pots when you are away rather than a whole garden.

Easy Vegetables

Eating habits and trends are beginning to shift. Local, organic and homemade are now commonly sought after traits in food. Time Magazine quotes John Dromgole, an organic nursery owner, saying sales are up 500%.  Young adults who were not raised gardening are showing interest in growing food. Containers allow people to grow vegetables without a lot of space and with very little know-how. They are a low risk way to try growing some of your own food.


Containers are also great decorations. Many have unique shapes, designs and colors. They can be easily changed according to the season or holiday. They can also be easily moved to where conditions are ideal for each season. If frost threatens smaller containers or large containers placed on coasters can be quickly moved indoors for the night.

Winning Clients

This rise in popularity, ease of use and many other advantages can be used to convince clients that it is worth having containers on their property whether that means indoors or out. For example, you can use the information that desire for organic food and interest in raising food is on the raise to encourage restaurant owners to have containers full of herbs and vegetables. This will give customers confidence in the food being served as well as adding ambiance to the environment. People who enjoy containers at home will be pleased to see them in their work, dining, shopping and entertainment spaces. Clients can be assured that containers will be easy to place and care for and easily moved if need be. If they have felt in the past they did not have space or time for landscaping they may be interested in containers.  As containers become more and more popular it will be easier to demonstrate to clients the value of your interior landscaping services including designing and maintaining beautiful container arrangements.

Photo “Montrose Gardens” courtesy of Susan Reimer

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