3 Sun-Loving Plants for South Facing Windows

Many indoor plants are desired for their ability to grow in the dark corners that are abundant in many office complexes. Most indoor plants prefer bright, yet indirect light because their tender leaves will scorch and burn with direct light. However, every now and then there is a full length, south facing window that needs a tough plant to soak up all that sun. If you are in need of some sun loving indoor plants, here are three that will thrive in a south facing window.


Croton leaves


Crotons have waxy, broad leaves with colorful variegation. There are many different varieties with different colors on their leaves. They can become brilliant red, burgundy and yellow as they mature. Crotons love bright light and their colors intensify when they are exposed to high light levels. Crotons also like evenly moist soil and will wilt easily if they are too dry. If crotons begin to drop their leaves, the humidity level of their environment are too low.  Misting the plant once or twice a week can help compensate for low humidity. Crotons prefer temperatures to remain around 70 degrees.


Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise flowers are spectacular. True to its name the flower resembles the head of a tropical bird. While the flowers are bright and colorful, the foliage is also attractive. The leaves are broad and deep green. Bird of paradise plants will last for many years. They should be replanted every year when they are young to provide adequate space to grow. After about 5 years of growth, the plant will need to be root bound to produce flowers. The soil should be kept evenly moist through the spring and summer growing season and then allowed to dry between waterings in the winter. Misting will also help the plant stay healthy throughout the growing season.




Jasmine is a pretty vine that produces small, delicate, white flowers for most of the year. The flowers are numerous and give off a lovely fragrance. While this plant can grow up a support it is not a requirement. It can be pruned and maintained in a small bush shape as well. In addition, it will look stunning as it cascades from hanging baskets. Keep the soil moist, but be careful not to over-water. In the spring and winter months, the plant will require less water. Jasmine thrives in direct light, especially during the summer growing season. Alternatively, in the winter it does not require as much light.

Worth the Effort

While these plants can be a little tricky when it comes to water and humidity, the beautiful display they present is well worth the extra effort. Keep in mind that containers placed in full sun will dry out very fast and you may need to adjust your watering schedule or consider a sub-irrigation system. You can confidently place these three sun-loving plants in south facing windows where many other indoor plants can’t tolerate the intense light.

What are your favorite indoor plants for locations with exposure to full, direct sun?


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