4 Colorful Vines That Can Beat the Heat

Vines that climb and trail are excellent additions to outdoor summer arrangements. They are especially desirable for trellises, arbors, and covered walkways. When your summers are hot and dry and you need a vine that can handle full sun try these hardy and colorful climbers.



Clematis can be planted in large containers at least 18 inches deep, wide and high. When placed against a wall for support a container planted clematis can be trained to grow up a trellis. If you want the container to be free standing you can train the clematis to grow up a tripod shaped support. The clematis should be planted in the middle of the container with potting soil that includes plenty of peat moss. You can grow annuals on the top of the container around the clematis. These plants should get at least four hours of sun a day. Clematis thrive in warm climates and produce bunches of large, vibrant flowers. Fine Gardening suggests Clematis ‘Kakio’, Clematis ‘Kiviruut’ and Clematis ‘Ernest Markham’ as three varieties that are perfect for growing in full sun.

Firecracker vine/Spanish flag

Firecracker VineThis vine is a fast grower often started from seed and treated as an annual. The vine produces bunches of unique and attractive flowers. Tube shape flowers form on a long flower spike. At the top of the spike the flowers are red then fade to orange, yellow and white as they descend down the spike. These vines are notorious for attracting butterflies.

Passion flower

passion flower

The passion flower does well in warm climates. It prefers full sun, but it will also tolerate some shade. The vines can climb up to thirty feet tall, so they are ideal for walls and arbors. These flowers are very ornate and come in hues of blue and purple. They prefer a well draining, nutrient port soil. Soils high in sand content will work well for these vines. They should be kept consistently moist, but they will also tolerate some neglect.

Passion flowers do not overwinter well north of zone 5. They are a tropical plant and should be protected with mulch in the winter. If you have harsh winters, you can cut back the plant and bring it indoors for the winter. In a sunny spot it will stay healthy and it can be placed outside again as soon as danger of frost is past.

These pretty flowers are very fragrant and will attract attention in any outdoor arrangement.

Cypress Vine

red star

Cypress vine is also called star glory because of the small, attractive, star shaped flowers it produces. The flowers range in color from brilliant red to very light pink.  The foliage is thick, yet the leaves are fine and feathery. This plant enjoys full sun and is not picky about soil type. It likes plenty of heat and can tolerate some drought.

These plants are started from seed and are an annual. They grow quickly and Texas A&M Extension informs that the cypress vine produces blooms in just 45 days. To bump up bloom production apply a high phosphorous fertilizer just before the first flowers open up. While this plant is an annual it readily reseeds. Be prepared for it to pop up again in the future.

Your Favorite Vines

These four vines love sun, warm temperatures and tolerate drought. These colorful plants will generously add height to any outdoor arrangements. You can count on them to withstand the high temperatures of summer and still look beautiful. What are your favorite flowering vines for outdoor containers?



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