4 Ways to Extend Your First Poinsettia Installation to New Year’s Day

35 days. 840 hours. 50,400 minutes. 3,024,000 seconds.

No matter how you state it, the duration of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day this year will be hectic for many Interiorscapers who add on holiday installations to their service profile. Oftentimes the item central to holiday designs also provides the most headaches from hair-pulling – the Poinsettia.

It is not uncommon for some Interiorscapers to install the majority of decor during the week of Thanksgiving. But some Interiorscape companies shared with us some tried-and-true methods they will be using this year to extend the Poinsettias they install in November all the way to late December.

It’s their goal to reduce as many mid-season poinsettia trade-outs as they can. Here’s what they do:

  1. Buy from quality local growers. Sometimes quality means a higher initial cost per plant, but the cost savings adds up if you avoid replacing them.
  2. Use of sub-irrigation methods such as the Aquafur and Oasis brand disks that fit in the bottom of pots and speed covers. Also, no-hole liners with foam inserts, wicking systems or Sippers are ways to extend poinsettia life indoors.
  3. Make weekly visits. Most Interiorscapers check their Poinsettias twice a week, but by using the above methods, you may only need to make weekly water checks depending on environmental conditions. Just remember this simple formula: Quality Poinsettias + Quality Sub-irrigation methods = fewer water checks.
  4. Make sure to avoid cold temperatures; transport your plants in a heated vehicle. While Poinsettias today are a stronger and more tolerant breed than their nursery forefathers, exposing them to frigid November weather will reduce shelf life.

What do you recommend? What are your strategies to keeping Poinsettias alive and thriving? Or do you find it easier to just install and schedule a trade-out sometime in December? Share your thoughts in the “Leave a Reply:” area below.

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