Christmas (Planning) in July Part 2: Sell a Pot With the Poinsettia

Interiorscapers possess a variety of talents. Of course they understand how to install plants and related accessories to keep them alive, as well as horticultural knowledge and design skills. Yet during the holidays, they must wear many more hats (carpenter, electrician and even engineer). This all must be accomplished while avoiding neglect of existing non-holiday installations.

During the holidays, customers, ironically, are oftentimes less patient and forgiving. Clients are more demanding, and your chances to “get it right” are fewer. Even the best intention to tap into holiday cheer can create situations better suited for Halloween!

NewPro Corp Vice President Fred Scott, a former purchaser and manager of installations at one of the largest exterior and interior landscape supply companies in the US, has seen holiday planning go well and, not-so-well.

One strategy that works well with poinsettias is selling a pot with each plant. It saves time on installation and clean-up. A decorative container, rather than simple foil or even a speed cover keeps the poinsettia more stable and therefore healthier throughout the holiday.

The poinsettias Interiorscapers install during the holidays are beginning life somewhere on your grower’s property today. It’s not too early to call the grower today to reserve your plants.

“Make sure your grower has a general idea of how many poinsettias they are growing, so you’re all set to buy from them.” Fred said. “If you do choose speed covers or go with decorative containers, make sure your supplier has enough and also is carrying deep dish vinyl saucers if needed.”

What are your tried-and-true poinsettia installation strategies? Do you have any Holiday horror stories? Please leave a reply in the comment box below.

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  1. theresa says:

    I have been trying to find alternatives to speed covers for the holidays. Any ideas?

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