8 Showy Succulents for Colorful Designs

The middle of winter can be a tough time to find color for indoor arrangements. Instead of looking to blossoms for a pop of color, try adding some unique succulents to your plant displays. These simple plants are easy to take care of and offer a crisp, elegant beauty that will complement any office space.

Here are some of the most colorful varieties of succulents.

1. Echeveria “afterglow”

Echeveria "afterglow"

Echeveria “afterglow”

This plant has a beautiful dusky red color throughout its attractively shaped leaf. The rosette is a bit larger than other echeverias and produces a more brilliant color when stressed by bright sunlight.

2. Echeveria subrigida ‘Fire and Ice’

‘Fire and Ice’ has a distinct beautiful star shape, but its color is what demands attention. The plant is a bright, lime green with delicately red trimmed leaf margins. The contrast is truly stunning. For the best display of color this succulent requires full sun.

3. Crassula capitella thyrsiflora ‘Campfire’ 

This is a low growing, spiky plant that is bright green in shade and brilliant red in full sun. This plant not only provides attractive color, but also trailing texture.

Euphorbia "tirucallii"

Euphorbia “tirucallii”

4. Euphorbia tirucallii 

This succulent is commonly known as sticks on fire or the red pencil plant. The plant appears just like the common name suggests. Straight stems branch upward resembling red pencils. The plant is typically yellow in summer and blushes deeper red during the winter. This is a fun plant to use when you want more height in your arrangement than other succulents can provide.

5. Haworthia attenuata

The zebra haworthia has bright white, rough, hard warts that form a horizontal stripe pattern on dark green leaves. This is a very hardy plant that endures most any condition except overwatering. The zebra haworthia is a little plant that only grows to four inches tall, but it sets on offshoots generously. It will quickly fill a small container.

6. Kalanchoe luciae 

This plant is known as the paddle plant because its leaves are broad and flat like a paddle. These green leaves blush red around the edges and become even deeper red when exposed to direct sun or cool temperatures.

7. Sedum nussbaumerianum 

The Coppertone stonecrop turns brilliant gold in direct sunlight. This plant is ideal to use for a trailing piece in succulent arrangements.

8. Echeveria agavoides ‘Lipstick’

Echeveria varieties come in a myriad of colors. Many are low growing and will set on offsets that will fill in the lower portions of arrangements nicely. The Lipstick echeveria has dusky green leaves that are tipped in bright red. The undersides of the leaves are also a dusky red.

Succulent Tips to Remember

When you plant your succulents remember to use a well draining potting mix. Most succulents will tolerate a variety of conditions including temperature and light, but they hate staying soggy. Make sure your potting mix is thoroughly dry before you add more water. These plants will rot if they stay too wet.


When you create your succulent arrangement you can make a sparse planting brightly colored plants or craft an overflowing container that includes a variety of shapes and colors. What are your favorite colorful succulent varieties?


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Image: “Plant looking like sticks on fire” by Sylvar

Image: “Paddle Plant” by Anika Malone

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