Indoor/Outdoor Mega Pots are Super Versatile

Sometimes you need the “big guns” for your creative indoor or outdoor projects. NewPro’s versatile Mega Pots can deliver. Maybe you need a line of four or five striking Roebellini Palms for your customer’s outdoor food court? Or perhaps a Pothos Silver Splash would be just the thing for the greeting area of an urban hotel restaurant.

MegaPots are available in sandstone (outside) and granite (middle)

Our heavy-duty Mega Pots, available in three sizes — 30”, 36” and 42” — and two faux-stone colors — granite (grey) and sandstone (beige) — are versatile and attractive. Lightweight and economical, mega pots are popular because they allow our Interiorscape customers to stay busy in all four seasons.
Each plastic Mega Pot is ready for indoor use, but can be easily converted for drainage by drilling holes in the bottom. Mega Pots are “roto-molded” with a rolled rim and features a tapered cylinder. Our customers have placed dozens of them for malls, hotels, golf courses and theme parks.

Paul Ray, Horticulturalist for Median Hills Country Club in Indianapolis, says MegaPots provide Paul piece of mind. Why? They are virtually indestructible, unlike wooden or concrete alternatives. You can place anywhere indoors or outdoors without breakage. Could you utilize the versatility of mega pots for your clients? If so, how?

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