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How to Create an Indoor Zen Garden

The Zen Garden is the western name often used to refer to a Japanese Rock Garden. The Japanese Rock Garden is an ancient art form that is designe[...]  » Read More

Top Tips for Raising Healthy Orchid...

While orchids may be intimidating for some, they are not as hard to grow as you think. There are a variety of orchids and there is most likely an[...]  » Read More

What You Should Do With Leftover Ho...

As soon as Christmas and New Years are over stores, malls, office complexes and hotels are ready to have their holiday displays removed and repla[...]  » Read More

What You Should Do With Leftover Holiday Plants Featured Image

How to Grow Paperwhites

Paperwhites are a relative of common daffodils. They are found in the Narcissus family of plants. They spring up from a bulb and offer clusters o[...]  » Read More

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Growing Rosemary Indoors

Rosemary is one of the quintessential herbs of Thanksgiving. It is used on the turkey, in the stuffing and in the potatoes. It can also be used a[...]  » Read More

Aspidistra: An Easy Indoor Plant

The cast iron plant is a common indoor plant. It is called cast iron because it is nearly indestructible. This feature is what makes the plant so[...]  » Read More