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Can Dirt Make Us Happy?

Over the years I’ve worked with hospitals and a couple nursing homes. I remember thinking, I hope I don’t end up at some of these pla[...]  » Read More

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How Green Roofs are Changing the Bu...

I feel very fortunate to live in a second story apartment just two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. The unfortunate aspect of living here is the v[...]  » Read More

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The Future of Horticulture

I’ve hired someone with a horticulture degree only one time in twenty years. Unfortunately for the plants, two months later he moved to Col[...]  » Read More

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Pros, Cons, & Design Considera...

Plants play an important role in the design of interior spaces. Aside from their ability to help direct foot traffic, enhance the desired mood[...]  » Read More

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Are Moss Walls Really Real Green Wa...

Recently, albeit a little later than planned, I had the pleasure of meta-attending a Webinar presented by Joe Zazzera of Plant Solutions and ho[...]  » Read More

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Plants, a Sign of Wealth?

Have you ever wondered why money is the same color as grass? Was it a subconscious decision of our forefathers or perhaps deliberate because the[...]  » Read More

Plants, a Sign of Wealth? Featured Image