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Real Estate Opportunities for Inter...

Back when Bill Clinton was in office, I landed a huge residential design project worth six figures. It was a time when real estate values were ri[...]  » Read More

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Using Natural Aromatherapy in Inter...

Have you ever been preoccupied, going about your busy day and suddenly you inhale a distinctive smell? So distinctive, you feel transported back [...]  » Read More

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Submitting & Winning an Indust...

It almost seems cost prohibitive to spend money for a chance to win an industry award that is just a one time deal. I have heard from many of my [...]  » Read More

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Can Dirt Make Us Happy?

Over the years I’ve worked with hospitals and a couple nursing homes. I remember thinking, I hope I don’t end up at some of these pla[...]  » Read More

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The Poor Horticulturist’s Guide t...

There are a few things I dread doing as an interiorscaper and one of those is creating proposals. Every time I have to sit in front of a computer[...]  » Read More

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How Green Roofs are Changing the Bu...

I feel very fortunate to live in a second story apartment just two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. The unfortunate aspect of living here is the v[...]  » Read More

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