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6 Great Plants for Table Top Decor

Many times interior designers require plants that will remain small in size for areas such as reception desks, bookshelves, conference room table[...]  » Read More

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3 Sun-Loving Plants for South Facin...

Many indoor plants are desired for their ability to grow in the dark corners that are abundant in many office complexes. Most indoor plants prefe[...]  » Read More

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4 Colorful Vines That Can Beat the ...

Vines that climb and trail are excellent additions to outdoor summer arrangements. They are especially desirable for trellises, arbors, and cover[...]  » Read More

4 Colorful Vines That Can Beat the Heat Featured Image

Cistaceae: Roses That Rock

Hot, dry summers are a reality for many container plants throughout the world. In these locations, plant maintenance is easier when you choose pl[...]  » Read More

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How to Plant Easter Lilies Outdoors

Easter lilies are a very popular way to decorate for the spring and Easter season. They are used to decorate churches, shops, and exchange among [...]  » Read More

Indoor Trees that Trigger Allergies

With spring underway allergies are on many people’s mind. According to WebMD one in every five people in the United States suffers from allergi[...]  » Read More