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Your 5 Favorite Fiberglass Planters...

Over the past year, our clients have enjoyed a number of shaped fiberglass planters. Our wide variety of inventory spans rectangles, squares, rou[...]  » Read More

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3 Common Interiorscaping Issues �...

Whenever a business works with a living product, there’s always a risk, something will go wrong.  With over two decades in the industry, I hav[...]  » Read More

3 Common Interiorscaping Issues & Their Solutions Featured Image

The Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Pla...

Fiberglass planters are a durable and versatile planter material that can easily take plant designs to the next level. Though it’s already [...]  » Read More

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Before & After: 5 Biophilic De...

Biophilic design and access to nature can have a seriously positive impact on spaces and the people that fill those spaces. Studies show that acc[...]  » Read More

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Getting Through Tough Times in the ...

Getting through tough times in business often requires courage and creativity. Consider a few different ideas interiorscapers can use in tough ti[...]  » Read More

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10 Benefits of Biophilic Design Bac...

In our built world, we lack a connection to nature. These powerful studies illustrate some of the tangible benefits of biophilic design.[...]  » Read More

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