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Reducing Office Noise with Sound Ab...

Reducing office noise with sound absorbing indoor plants is the perfect way to reduce noise levels and create a more inviting atmosphere in any w[...]  » Read More

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Client Retention Strategies for Int...

Interiorscaping is a luxury, so it's key to keep clients happy. Here are some avoidable client pet peeves and client retention strategies to inco[...]  » Read More

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Four Typical Challenges of Growing ...

Many people move to Florida for the sunshine, the beaches and the beautiful tropical foliage.  Palm trees embody Florida therefore, many of my c[...]  » Read More

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Considerations for Using Plants Tha...

Your chances of encountering poison ivy, oak or sumac while working in the horticulture industry are probably the same as my chances of winning t[...]  » Read More

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Fiberglass Planters

Do You Know Your Green Wall Lingo?

While my primary focus is blogging about interior living walls, I think it’s time to identify all the different green wall technologies that ex[...]  » Read More

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Biophilic Design in Hospitals: Bene...

The medicinal benefits of indoor plants are well known amongst us in the horticulture industry. However, people in the healthcare sector are gene[...]  » Read More

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