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6 Great Plants for Table Top Decor

Many times interior designers require plants that will remain small in size for areas such as reception desks, bookshelves, conference room table[...]  » Read More

6 Great Plants for Table Top Decor Featured Image

3 Sun-Loving Plants for South Facin...

Many indoor plants are desired for their ability to grow in the dark corners that are abundant in many office complexes. Most indoor plants prefe[...]  » Read More

3 Sun-Loving Plants for South Facing Windows Featured Image

4 Colorful Vines That Can Beat the ...

Vines that climb and trail are excellent additions to outdoor summer arrangements. They are especially desirable for trellises, arbors, and cover[...]  » Read More

4 Colorful Vines That Can Beat the Heat Featured Image

Cistaceae: Roses That Rock

Hot, dry summers are a reality for many container plants throughout the world. In these locations, plant maintenance is easier when you choose pl[...]  » Read More

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How to Plant Easter Lilies Outdoors

Easter lilies are a very popular way to decorate for the spring and Easter season. They are used to decorate churches, shops, and exchange among [...]  » Read More

Lilies: A Gorgeous Container Plant

With some careful planning and preparation lilies can be beautiful container plants. They can be planted on their own or as a focal point in an a[...]  » Read More