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Why Bigger isn’t Always Bette...

Do you enjoy watching the DIY Home & Garden channels like me? If so, you may have noticed the tiny house movement where families are downsizi[...]  » Read More

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5 Interiorscape Veterans Weigh-in o...

“This is the beginning of a blog post series where we will bring in the best discussions from our Facebook Group. Join th[...]  » Read More

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Customer Education: How Plant Care ...

Holding plant care classes could be one way of creating value with your client, as well as stimulating good will and enthusiasm for plants in the[...]  » Read More

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Nepotism: Pros & Cons of Worki...

Nepotism can be hiring or creating positions for a friend or family member that may or may not necessarily possess the right skills or training. [...]  » Read More

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Four Ways Plant Technicians Can Avo...

The second horticulture technician I hired was a soft-spoken mother of three with a graphic art degree. After a couple months of horticulture tra[...]  » Read More

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Tips for Techs: 9 Ways to Make Plan...

So you want to have fun at your job? I know, it’s a crazy concept. But look, if you’re a plant tech and you’re not enjoying it, you’re pr[...]  » Read More

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