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Why Bigger isn’t Always Bette...

Do you enjoy watching the DIY Home & Garden channels like me? If so, you may have noticed the tiny house movement where families are downsizi[...]  » Read More

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3 Rookie Mistakes that are Costly f...

Before you send your plant technicians out to their first solo account, make sure you cover these three rookie mistakes that can be costly to you[...]  » Read More

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5 Interiorscape Veterans Weigh-in o...

“This is the beginning of a blog post series where we will bring in the best discussions from our Facebook Group. Join th[...]  » Read More

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Fixes for 3 Common Soil Problems

I ran across an article from a Horticultural Digest issued by the University of Hawaii in April of 1981. It got me thinking about common soil pro[...]  » Read More

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Customer Education: How Plant Care ...

Holding plant care classes could be one way of creating value with your client, as well as stimulating good will and enthusiasm for plants in the[...]  » Read More

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Nepotism: Pros & Cons of Worki...

Nepotism can be hiring or creating positions for a friend or family member that may or may not necessarily possess the right skills or training. [...]  » Read More

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