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Interior Plantscaper’s Guide:...

It is a daunting and even lonely task running your own company. Churning out fresh ideas while establishing a role as an excellent leader, in add[...]  » Read More

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3 Rookie Mistakes that are Costly f...

Before you send your plant technicians out to their first solo account, make sure you cover these three rookie mistakes that can be costly to you[...]  » Read More

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A Quick Guide to Pricing Interiorsc...

Pricing, an ambiguous topic that typically doesn’t come up amongst Interiorscapers because there are so many variables. The bottom line should [...]  » Read More

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How to Survive Interiorscaping in t...

Summer is here. While I can’t write at length about the challenges of interiorscaping in the winter months (because we experience so few days o[...]  » Read More

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Fertilizing Tips for a Healthy Inte...

I started in the horticulture industry growing ornamentals in greenhouses where fertilizer was mixed in giant water tanks every day to promote ra[...]  » Read More

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Building a Profitable Interiorscape...

Reviewing, evaluating, and possibly criticizing is sometimes part of the job. If it’s part of yours, this simple approach could make it more pr[...]  » Read More

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